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3 Creative Christmas Gifts Under A Budget




Hello hello! Holiday season has just dusted us with holy cookies and scented candles and reminded us that we can be better to ourselves and others. The celebrating light that comes out of everything creates a phenomenal atmosphere of love, gratitude and good will, so there’s no better reason to spoil your beloved ones with a treat. Here are some great gift ideas if you wanna be creative and stay on a budget.

wdf0fsopagc-stefan-bookblock.jpg1.Planners. Yes planners. Lots of people, including myself, love to stay organised and keep track of everything, so why not make their life easier with a gift they ‘re gonna savor? On Etsy you can find some fine, hand-crafted planners with tools for an everyday, weekly and even annual scheduling.


2.Books. A good book is always a nice idea and really few people wouldn’t appreciate the company of one, so let me suggest you a novel I read this summer that let me wandered through its pages and into its world. It is The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir who got Trapped in an Ikea Wardrobe. The title may give you a hint about the story, which is of course an extraordinary travel from Middle East to Europe in the most unexpected fashion, but it also is a story about human rights, immigration and the right to create a better future for yourself, your family and your community, written with humor and sympathy by the French author Romain Puerourtolas.


3. Pajamas. None ever said no to comfiness and warmth, so what could be better than some pajamas! Soft and snugly to cuddle in and be homey, you can find them in a huge variety. Plus, all those one-piece suits are designed with humor and imagination, so this gift has no longer to be dull and ordinary -I don’t actually know any people who would think of this, so it can also be a surprise!

I hope you enjoyed my recommendations for this Christmas. See you next time!

Love and Christmas stars,


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ASP World Tour Oakley Pro Bali Freesurfing Keramas, Bali, Indonesia Day 9 26th June, 2013 Photo(c)Jason Childs

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